The Contracts

Many publishers have issued contracts to their freelance writers and freelance journalists and freelance photographers, which they give various different titles to; “Contributor’s Contract” and “Writer’s Contract” and “Freelance Contract” and “Freelancer’s Contract”  are common names.

If your publisher does not issue you with a contract, the default position as the original supplier of content is that you own the copyright and you’re licensing them for a one-time use, whatever was discussed initially  (eg one print issue of their magazine).

These contracts have been supplied anonymously to us by writers who have been asked to sign them. For analysis and commentary – see the Analysis section of this site!

The Contracts so far:

Pacific Magazines (latest) Don’t sign this contract! It’s one of the worst around. Call the MEAA for latest on negotiations. Read more here. If you have signed, you can send them 60 days notice to rescind the agreement.

Fairfax While you keep copyright, this is not a great contract as it tries to restrict you from working for most other large Australian publishers; don’t sign it, or try to negotiate.

News Limited This is a reasonable contract, where you keep copyright and receive limited defamation indemnity. News are treating their freelancers reasonably well with this agreement.

ACP Not great – ACP asks for all rights; however, they accept the contract with that clause struck out, so get a red pen and get striking!

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